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Security Access

We take every possible measure to provide you with a reliably secure storage environment. Monitored cameras record the entrance, exit, and any activity on the property. When you arrive, your personal passcode will open the gate and disarm the alarm on your unit. To exit the property, enter your passcode once again to rearm your storage unit alarm and open the exit gate.

Our integrated alarm system—unique in the industry—elevates our facility from just “secure” to “AMAZINGLY secure”!

State of the Art Security Alarms on Every Unit

West Houston Boat and RV Storage has fully enclosed storage spaces that feature a State of the Art, tamper-proof security system. Each enclosed unit has its own unique security code linked to an easily downloaded smartphone APP. The APP will allow the tenant to remotely open the gates from the comfort of their vehicle. When the security code is used to open the gates, the unit’s security alarm is disarmed. The alarm is armed when the security code is used to exit the property.

Any attempt to open the unit’s door without entering the security code at the gates will trigger the unit’s alarm. The tenant will receive a notification that the alarm has been activated. The computerized security system archives all activity within the property, including:

Every property gate entry and exit

Each individual storage door opening and closing

Premium Locking Mechanisms

West Houston Boat & RV Storage secures its spaces with premium locking mechanisms to further protect your space. Cylinder locks are secured into the unit, preventing anyone from cutting the lock. Such locks set the industry standard in protecting storage units.

24/7 Digital Video Surveillance Camera System

West Houston Boat & RV Storage is covered with security cameras, offering additional surveillance and protection for every space. The security footage is digitally stored to allow review of historical activity.

Take a tour of the property and see the many interior and exterior cameras protecting the property.

Give us a call to set up an appointment to see the facility or reserve the unit of your choice.

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